Reliable & Trustworthy Property Management Company In London

Many are often faced with the challenge of finding a property management company or lettings agency that will understand them and put their best interest first.
Finding a reputable Property Management company is not easy and often landlords go for the most popular Management Company rather than the company that’ll suit their needs. Landlords often come out of the other end disappointed because of lack of research.
Services in the property management vary and there is no such thing as ‘Best Property Management Company’. The question you must ask yourself is ‘ What Is The Most Reliable & trustworthy Property Management Company’.
A service in a Property Management Company varies from landlord to landlord.

Landlords are faced with charges and fees that they never signed up for or knew of in the first place. Understanding the services that your chosen property management company is providing is very important.

Do you have a single property?
Do you have a block property?
How many people will be living in the property?
How long is the tenancy?
Are all tenants Vetted?

Is the property Management company Part of The Property Ombudsman Scheme? (TPOS protect landlords, clients of Property Management Company incase of disputes. They also reward landlords incase of damages)
These are questions that must be asked when selecting a property management company to manage your property.

Big-chain property management companies have proven to be incompetent (no names shall be mentioned) as their attention is shared over hundreds of other properties – with each landlord battling for their agent’s attention. this often courses confusion and landlords feel uncared for.
Building a relationship with your property manager/Agent is vital.

A great Property Manager will treat your property like its their own and they will report any problems that arises urgently.

The age has gone when property management companies needed to be based on high street.

Now there are excellent property management companies that offer amazing services online.
By basing online, they are able to save you money on management services they provide.

Boateng Homes LTD, a property management company based in London offering excellent property services from Management, Interior Design, Arm-chair property Development, Property Auction Attending & House Sitting.
You don’t need to spend hours searching for the ideal property service company when you get all of this amazing services under one roof. They have also built an excellent relationship with Contractors, Valuers, Surveyors, Mortgage companies and more. Thus being able to offer clients trustworthy and unbiased recommendations.
Boateng Homes understand the value of relationships. This has been the key point of their business growth. Most important of all, Their fees are tailored to suit all landlords.
All their customers recommend their services to their friends as it very relaxing and transparent.

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