At Boateng Homes, Our Aim is to take away all the stress that comes with property development. We offer an on-behalf Property Development service also known as “Armchair Property Development”. We assist our clients in the process of Property development; whether it’s a small project or a big-scale project. We oversee the development from the beginning till the completion; ensuring that all deadlines are met. We send weekly reports to let you know how the project is going and appoint tradesmen, Architects, Sourcing materials, budgeting, obtaining building consents and more.


We take care of all the development process so that you’re able to continue with your day-to-day lifestyle without any interference. We also send weekly reports to let you know how the project is going.

On-behalf Property Development service is perfect for the cash-rich and the time-poor.


  • Landlords
  • Property Investors
  • Corporate Companies
  • Professional Property Developers
  • First-time Property Developers (inexperienced)
  • International Property Developers
  • International Property Investors

On-Behalf Property Development Service

  • Liaising With Contractors
  • Acquiring Planning Permission
  • On-Site Supervision
  • Documents Forwarding
  • Fully Qualified & Insured Labourers
  • Fully Daily/Weekly Reports
  • Budgeting
  • In-House Architectures
  • Dealing With Insurers & Mortgage Companies

We Offer

  • Residential Property Development
  • Commercial Property Development
  • Property Extensions
  • Interior modification
  • External Modification
  • Property Renovation
  • Obtaining Planning Permission

On-Behalf Bidding At Property Auctions(Proxy-Bidding Service)

Property Auction is the best place to purchase a property at an affordable price; when buying at auctions, property Conditions can vary; this is why it is the perfect place to buy a property with the intention to renovate or develop.

Some properties may just need modernisation/renovation and others are derelict and may need a complete development; whether converting into commercial use or obtaining planning permission to build something bigger and better. Click here to find out about how we can bid on your behalf at property auctions.

House prices have fallen dramatically, which makes it the perfect time to invest in property. With our extensive knowledge in property buying for investment & residential purposes we will find you your ideal property.

This service is perfect for the cash-rich and the time-poor.

If you are an International-based property investor and are looking to invest in properties in the UK or you are a company, property developer looking to increase your property portfolio, we can also assist you.

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