London Short Term Apartments With Wheelchair Access (Disabled Accessibility Short Term Rentals In London)

Why Apartments with Disabled Accessibility in London Can Be The Right Solution?

If you are going to be in London for a few months and are disabled, hotels definitely aren’t your best option. You would need short term rentals that make you feel like you’re living in a home. We offer you some of the best short term rentals that you can find in London.


How are our Short Term Rentals different?

Working in London can be a tough ask. If you have a wheelchair, you may require a short term apartment with a lift or on a ground floor. With our short term rental apartments that are as good as your home, we ensure that you’ll not need to depend upon others. Instead, you can carry out your normal life, and do more everyday.

Short Term Rentals Tailored to Your Needs

We understand that disabled accessibility needs are different, and so have easy access apartments specifically designed and developed in the heart of London.

We believe that you need to have the platform to be able to make independent living a reality. It is important for them to work, learn and stay active in the community. This is why we have developed apartments with disabled accessibility in London only for the disabled.

We have ground floor apartments, or apartments with elevators that are on the upper floors. Accessibility will never be an issue with our apartments, and you can get all you need in your short stay in London, really easily.

We also have client specialists that can take care of any of your urgent needs. Our easy access apartments are specially designed keeping in mind the disabled accessibility requirements.


Be confident with Security

We understand how important security is for you. Our apartments with elevators have the latest security systems installed that ensures that you do not fall prey to thieves, round the clock.


Independent Living
With our easy to access apartment, you can make independent living a possibility. You will not need outside help, and the needs will be kept minimal. Our customer service desk is responsive to your needs and other daily needs like cleaning and laundry will be taken care of upon your request.


Why Come to Us?

Our easy to access apartments in London are specifically designed keeping in mind the needs of the disabled of all age groups. Easy accessibility with elevators, wheelchairs, and prompt transportation services will help you lead a normal life.

These short term rentals are just perfect for your short stay in London that spans from a few weeks to 1,2,3,4,5+ months. All bills, WIFI and cleaning are included in our short term rentals.

And while these are easy accessibility apartments we have made no compromises with style. They have all the pizzazz and elegance of a five star property and do not compromise with comfort. Additionally, all the public areas are wheelchair accessible and the elevator stops at every floor.

With us, staying in London is easy for people with disabilities; exactly how it should be.


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