Landlord Forced To Serve Section 21

[paragraph][dropcap5]W[/dropcap5]e recently received an enquiry from a landlord who was seeking an advice on how to evict a tenant using section 21. She explained that the tenant is unable to pay the rent and is costing the landlord more money to occupy the tenant. The landlord said she had given the tenant notice to quit.[/paragraph]

The landlord then showed me a letter from ‘Shelter’ telling the landlord to serve the tenant with section 21 which will give the tenant 2 months to leave the property. The Landlord said she had no idea how to serve this notice.


Because of this ignorance, it has coursed her loss of money and costing her everyday to occupy a tenant. I also learned that the Landlord didn’t protect the tenants deposit and ‘Shelter” are demanding information on the tenants deposit as this has reached a dispute.

Now this Landlord is a very good example of landlords who are not willing to use Property Management Companies to manage their properties. The Landlord thought initially, she is saving money by managing the property herself.

Now if she’s found guilty, she will be forced to pay the tenant 3 times of the deposit. Even thou the tenant have fallen into arrears and is unable to pay the rent, the landlord will be forced to house the tenant until the correct notice is set and pay the tenant 3x of the deposit. The fact that the landlord failed to follow the regulations has cost her more money than it would’ve if she hired a management company and paid just 5% or 8% fee to fully manage her property.

UK property management companies that are members of the Property ombudsman scheme are more than competent and situations like this will be dealt with before it got complicated. They will also protect deposits with an authorized scheme. So Landlords, stop trying save money by managing properties yourself because in a long run you’ll save thousands of pounds, time and energy because tenants these days are very smart & favored by the law.


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