Boateng Homes now offers ‘PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT’

Have you thought about becoming a property Developer? Do you watch all the development television programs? Does having a fulltime job stop you from making your dream come true? Or your busy lifestyle does not allow you to. Now that the house prices are low, it’s the time to invest in a property. Best of all, use our Auction-on-behalf-Biding to purchase a property at a bargain price.

‘Boateng Homes’ now offers a property development service. We will find the property you have specified –I.E location, room sizes, etc.  We have honest and qualified builders on our books. We also provide you with qualified electricians.

We offer complimentary home designing service. With our new designing technology, you’ll be able to see a computer-generated image of how your interior will look after the design.

Because we specialize in property management, you will not have to look too far to find an estate agent or property manager if you decide to not live in your property. Our point is to make your life easy. Honesty and our clients’ best interests are what come first. We wont tell you what we think you want to hear. We are not like any property service company out there. We follow the strict code that all property management and Service Company are supposed to follow. Many companies do not follow this code.  we treat our clients like how we would like to be treated – which is – luxuriously.

Take advantage of our low fees.

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