Now you can become a property developer and acquire your next investment property at developer’s cost! Property Investment has proven to be very effective to investors and it has enabled them to build their worth.

Boateng Homes Property Development service offers you a great opportunity to buy properties at below market value to enable great capital growth. When buying a property at a lower rate, you immediately know the amount of profit you’ll make even before it has been renovated. Buying the property at market value doesn’t guarantee increase in value straight away, so some people just sit on the property and wait for the value to rise.

Our service is built for you to become a property developer without getting you hands dirty. You reap all the rewards without lifting a hand. This service is also referred to as “Armchair Development”. Boateng Homes plans and organizes everything and oversee all of the works. You remain the sole owner of the property and before anything is done, we run it by you.

This service is built so that you are able to carry on with your busy lifestyle. This service is affordable and all of our fees are tailored to suit you. We also advise on how to build a profitable property development business.

Why become a property developer?

  • Property prices are much less.
  • It’s a safer investment and a great security
  • Rental returns increases as well as the property price.
  • Excellent tax benefits
  • The more property you have, the easier it becomes to increase your property portfolio.
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